Thursday, August 13, 2015

We came from far and wide in NZ, Australia, U.S, Canada andSingapore. We decorated ourselves and the Hotel with felt of alldescriptions and colour. We listened, learnt and had a go at new and different techniques. We shared our stories of the wonders of wool and how our love of this fibre has shaped our lives. We talked, laughed, sang and danced and WOWed a night away.
The 10th Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence is now a happy memory and we look forward to the next one in 2011 in Bunbury Western Australia.

Thanks for all your lovely letters saying how much you enjoyed the Convergence.

The Committee really appreciate knowing that all our hard work was worth it.

This lovely banner displayed on the wall in one of the Conference rooms at Masterton was sent to us by Year 3 pupils from Frayne College, Baranduda Victoria College in Australia.
As part of the International Year of Natural Fibres the pupils discovered the wonder of alpaca and merino fibres and learned the process of felting and added that to their task of looking at things Bizarre in Art.
The result is this lovely wall hanging of a tree. The bark is the felted alpaca and the leaves is the dyed merino.
The pupils were delighted that their piece of art was exhibited "internationally" at the 10th Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence.
We were delighted to have it....thanks and congratulations Frayne College Year 3 Pupils on your lovely work.

The 11th Southern Feltmakers Convergence is to be held in Bunbury Western Australia in October 2011

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